Secondary glazed vertical slider

Secondary glazed windows for homes in Essex & beyond

Secondary glazing is a cost-effective and efficient way to insulate and soundproof your windows. It leaves a gap of air between the existing window and the pane itself, with complete sealing around the secondary glazed panel.

Unobtrusive, slim frames are manufactured from durable aluminium and require little maintenance. Including the most popular horizontal slider, we also offer a variety of other secondary glazing styles such as vertical sliders, hinged unit, fixed and lift out windows.

Secondary glazing profile
Close up of secondary glazing

Noise Reduction

Secondary glazing offers the most effective sound insulation and can reduce noise levels by up to 80%.

Reduced Heat Loss

Improves the thermal insulation of existing single glazed windows by around 65%.

Cost Effective

Simply fitting onto your existing windows, secondary glazing provides an affordable alternative to replacing the windows.

Improved Security

Helps to improve the security of your property by providing an extra barrier against potential intruders.

Available in more than 200 colours

The aluminium frames are factory painted white as standard but you can choose from over 200 RAL colour options, enabling you to match the interior of your home.

Our secondary glazing windows are all made to measure and we have options to accommodate nearly all window styles, including curved to form arched units.

Recommended for conservation areas and listed buildings

Secondary glazing is recommended by English Heritage, the Listed Property Owners Club and the Energy Saving Trust.

Conservation areas and listed buildings often struggle with double glazing and therefore secondary glazing is a welcome solution. We also offer a Traditional Range, which is manufactured with a slimmer aluminium profile and offers minimal sightlines and easy access to the primary window.